Understanding Model View Controller MVC

Coming from structural and even OOP of PHP, I had a very big problem understanding Routing and all MVC (Model View Controller) and Frameworks.

I first tried Zend, Yii, Codeigniter, and finally Laravel

I was getting the result at Codeigniter but do not understand how it works.

I keep trying…

GUO Transport Company

Using GUO Transport

The organization has become a symbol in the transportation business in Africa, giving sheltered, agreeable, comfortable, and reasonable travel to many travelers yearly.

GUO Transport is notable for its consistently planned traveler administration mostly made possible by their online/digital booking.

GUO Transport Co.

Traveling with GUO Transport…

This is mostly for people that did not understand how programming works.

A program is a set of logically arranged instructions that are executable by a computer to produce a desired result or output.

A program is an arranged instruction that can accept input through your keyboard, scanner, or anything…

Challenges startup owners and entrepreneurs in Nigeria face

Challanges startup owners and entrepreneurs in Nigeria face

Entrepreneurship is the talk of the town at the moment. People resign from their working places, sell their valuables, borrow money or do any other thing possible just to be able to start up something or to be called entrepreneur or because…

Chukwuma Godswill Abanobi “Unique”

A full-stack developer that enjoys critical thinking, communication, Problem Solving and consistently contribute to team efforts and organization

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